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Ahoy there, matey! 🏴‍☠️

Ever fancied yerself a master scribe without liftin' a quill? Brace yerself for the treasure map to the fabled, magical contraption – the AI Copywriter! 🤖✍️

Now, listen closely as I unveil the secrets on how to tickle this electric bard into crafting tales, headlines, or even serenades for your pet tortoise. Let the fun begin!

  1. Summon the Beast: First off, you gotta wake the slumbering digital genie. No need for magic lamps, just a clickity-click on your scroll (or computer, for the landlubbers).
  2. Whisper Your Desires: Talk sweet nothings or shout your demands – whatever floats your boat. Whether it's a love letter to your fridge for keeping your snacks cool, or a ballad about the sock that escaped the laundry, be clear on what treasure you're after.
  3. The Secret Password: Sometimes, you gotta know the right spells. Keywords, matey! These be the magic words that tell your AI mate what path to take on this writing adventure.
  4. The Stirring of the Cauldron: Hit that 'Generate', 'Create', or whatever shiny button stands before ye. That’s the equivalent of stirring the cauldron and waiting for the potion to bubble.
  5. Feast or Plunder: Now, behold the creation! It might be a masterpiece ready for the royal court or something only a mother could love. If it be the latter, worry not! Tweak the spells, talk to the genie again, and by all means, tweak ye desires until you strike gold.
  6. The Pirate’s Code: Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Use yer newfound powers for good, lest ye walk the plank into the sea of boring content.
  7. Share the Booty: Found the treasure? Don’t bury it! Share the spoils of your AI collaboration far and wide. Let the world marvel at what you and your electric scribe have unearthed.

So there ye have it, a map to navigate the tumultuous seas of AI copywriting. May the winds be ever in yer favor as ye embark on this quill-less quest! 🏴‍☠️🖋️

How to use AI Copywriter

Seriosly though, just enter a page URL into the input field in the black box and hit enter.

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Highlight the text you wish to edit and a magical AI copywriting toolbar appears.

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